Fresh-Squeezed Florida awards Chompers Drive-Through in Fanning Springs its inaugural “Good Florida Citizen Award.”  Chompers wins for providing a Thanksgiving meal for those unfortunate enough not to be able to have one otherwise.

When out exploring the numerous local springs. Mr. B. and I have driven through Chompers’ drive-in a few times.  Chompers is a drive-in with excellent burgers and barbecued pork sandwiches and special Southern treats like fried dill pickles.  The service is friendly and fast and the food is excellent.  It’s fast food that tastes slow-cooked.  The burgers have real grill marks and the pork is juicy and tangy.  French fries are thin, salty, and hot and onion rings are whole thick slices.

We stopped at Chompers on our way to Otter Springs.  As we waited for our order, we noticed a modest flyer taped to the window (see pic below).  From noon until 3 PM on Thanksgiving Day, Chompers is providing a free Thanksgiving meal to those in need.  In this economy, and with all the skimpy margins on which small businesses operate and the horrible polarizing political debates and who is owed what and by whom, here is a small business that is giving back in a big way.  And not only are they sponsoring this turkey feed in their restaurant, they are also offering friendly conversation along with it. 

There is hope left in the world, friends. Chompers has been quietly doing this feed for the past couple of years.

Bless them.  Please make sure to visit them when in the Fanning Springs area.