The first sign that the season might have changed occurs during the first week of October, when you suddenly realize that you’ve been outdoors for an hour without breaking a sweat.  A pleasant breeze has skimmed through downtown Gainesville and you notice that not only is your person not completely soaked, but the persons of other people aren’t either.  Wow.  This causes other people  to look and to smell more attractive than they have since last March.  Gone are odors of meatball, onion, garlic, and horse dung. In their place are things the way they were meant to smell–of aromachemicals from dryer sheets and deodorants!

The heat of summer is a time of great human funk and of vainglorious fragrant ways to mask it.  An entire industry revolves around this.  The same
“nose” who created your Christian Dior perfume may also have formulated the pleasing lavender scent of your toilet bowl cleaner.

Right now is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, so we expect a big turnout for the last two concerts of the Free Fridays season, which ends on the 15th.  The last shows are the Woodstock tribute with the Relics and UF World Music.  If you are anywhere within driving distance on Friday night 10/8, make the effort to come to the Woodstock show. I am completely biased; I am as biased as can be about any project involving Bob McPeek, Michelle Ott, Cathy DeWitt, David Ottenberg, Fagan Arouh, and Dan Tampas (these but a few of the standout talents).  This will be the biggest show of the season, even if Mr. Tambourine Man himself is playing down the road at the O’Connell Center on the same night.  While I do think it would be a coup to have Bob Dylan sit in with the Relics at the Woodstock show, I realize the foolhardiness of such an endeavor.  There would be far too may layers of complication:

First and foremost, it’s entirely possible that people wouldn’t even recognize Bob out of context, away from his own gig.  He could sit in without being noticed.  How embarrassing. He’d like it that way.  Still, how embarrassing.

Second, if such a thing did occur, there would have to be an official introduction.  This would naturally fall to new mayor Craig Lowe, but this is local government, so we would need to have someone who could introduce Lowe and then someone who could introduce the person who introduces the person who introduces Lowe.  There might be another level here, a minor official who is also a real estate agent, to introduce the person who bakes the office Christmas cookies and who is the cousin of someone whose uncle was a roadie on Bob’s Rolling Thunder Revue in 1975.  How cool is that?  Does your head hurt yet? 

Also, with a big attendance the police would have to provide security and this would cost $85.71 per hour for each hour of overtime, per officer.  Hey! Wasn’t the city trying to cut these guys back?

Friday night, the Leadon Family Band played at half strength due to Monica Leadon Cooper’s absence.  Ms. Leadon Cooper suffered a concussion while surfing at Crescent Beach and Mark Leadon played the concert without her. There was a bit of confusion among some audience members who had read a short article about the concert in the Gainesville Sun and who mistakenly believed at least one of the Leadons’ more famous relatives would be making an appearance.  One of these–Bernie–was a founder of the Eagles and another played with Tom Petty in one of Petty’s early bands.  The annual brother-and-sister “homecoming” concert was a real spread-a-blanket-on-the-grass affair, a nice and very low-key prelude to the monster that is the Woodstock tribute.  Here are some photos from the night.