Ever been mooned by a chicken?  Consider this fair warning.  The Big Yellow Dumpster is back with those images that just don’t fit anywhere else.

The chicken and cattle edition of the Dumpster came about because it’s dull to post a picture of a farmyard animal in a series of more interesting pictures.  Unless a cow is two-headed, that is, in which case it deserves its own post.  I do understand that there may be poultry fanatics out there who would decry my consigning these photographic etudes to the Dumpster, but chacun a son gout.  Or chicken a son gout.

The cattle pictured here are honest-to-goodness Florida Cracker cattle.  We don’t just grow oranges here; we grow these hardy cows that are descendants of cattle brought by the Spanish to Florida in the 1500s.  They are related to the Texas Longhorn, whose colors and patterns of spotting are similar.  Cracker cattle have their own association and a number of Floridians have them in private herds.

They are also a feature of Dudley Farm, which I blogged about last spring.  At the time, I was carrying a pocket camera with a frustrating zoom.  Now, I walked the trail to the farm wearing a 70-300 mm telephoto lens with vibration reduction, so I was able to snap away at these marvelous bovines. 

None of the pictures came out well.  There has been some Photoshopping involved.  Most of the cows had wisely sought shade, so in some instances I have lightened the exposure.  In two, I was so excited about getting something in focus with my monster lens that I forgot I had a very open aperture.  My old pocket Sony gave me a depth-of-field preview of everything I was doing, without my having to press the shutter halfway down, and the Nikon does not.  I include the faulty pictures here because they are actually sort of cool in an apocalyptic sort of way:  The light looks like a nuclear blast and the cows are soon to be vaporized.

Also included are unretouched pictures of what I think are Wyandotte chickens.  I had to google this bird, and with the way google works now my search for “chicken with black and white feathers” immediately produced endless recipes for chicken with black bean sauce.  That was lots of fun and I might make the chicken with black bean sauce this weekend.  It reminded me that the Big Yellow Dumpster is a happy place to be.

You see what I did here.  The open aperture resulted in crummy out-of-focus stuff, not artistic bokeh.  You can barely tell that the cow has a line of barbed wire fencing in front of it.

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens!

These birds did not like having their pictures taken and I think the hostile and nervous glance says it all.