I’ve gotten used to (sort of) having Mr. B. throw his hands up in annoyance.  This is a very specific gesture used in two very certain instances.  The first is when he sets off down a wooded path and I do not follow.  In this case, he walks for a quarter of a mile and turns around, only to find out that I am not tiptoeing along behind him, silent as a deer.  The second occurs when I jackrabbit off in some other direction, pulled by something shiny and bright and possibly not good for me, like a poison apple.

The gesture Mr. B. makes is semi-dramatic and involves both hands, which are flung with surprising control to about ribcage height and are then extended in a broad WTF emphasis. For all we know, poor Mr. B. was declaiming to thin air back there in the garden, perhaps giving a speech on spores that affect the common beech tree or the problems inherent in the acting of Othello, while I was off throwing odiferous pellets to bright yellow koi.

The last time Mr. B. had to throw his hands up was at our most recent visit to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, a place notorious for attracting me away from the business at hand.  If it isn’t the koi, then it’s a bug on a stalk of bamboo or a bee inside the bell of a freesia.  I frequently suggest we go to Kanapaha; it’s a mile from my house and we have a season pass.  There is nothing like sitting inside its midnight green stands of bamboo on a blazingly hot day.

It’s also a great place to practice nature photography and to create hundreds of ruined pictures taken using the wrong ISO setting.  How I wish camera manufacturers would make it possible to view the settings under all lighting conditions! This most recent set of photographs includes a good number of fluorescent pink roses that look like lipstick on a Marseilles whore; these I have thrown out.  I am vexed about one photograph of a bee and flower; the flower is in focus and the bee is not.  I did not use a zoom for this picture and I like to keep my distance from stinging bugs, so I was not completely “in the zone” when I took this one and didn’t realize that my fat striped friend was blurry.  I’d have preferred it the other way around.

The next few days will feature the botanical photographs, all taken with a pocket camera.  It is too hot for me to go anywhere else but green.