Celebrating the solstice with a severe thunderstorm in Jacksonville.  A hot afternoon in Florida just about guarantees a storm of varying degrees of severity.  This baby blew up over Jacksonville while we were visiting the Jacksonville Zoo, and then I insisted that we chase it around a bit.  You do not want to ride in a car with me when I am chasing.  I steer with my right knee while I take my pictures.  This is an exceptionally stupid practice and I cannot recommend it.  Mr. B. will tell you that I did this today while driving over a high bridge.

I was hoping to get a picture of Jacksonville’s most notorious tourist attraction–the twin nuclear cooling towers on the St. John’s River–but the storm refused to move in that direction.  Instead, I found a couple of urban-ugly processing plants and used the storm as a backdrop.

The aftermath of the storm was a beautiful, hot-poker sunset (taken in Alachua with raindrops on my windshield):