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The rest of this week features the photos we took in Alabama and in the Florida Panhandle.  Some are reflective of the spill and others depict life as normal; still more are simply my attempts at photographing people or scenes that have caught my eye for one reason or another.
We start this photo essay at Pensacola Beach:

Pensacola Beach.  Our motel, the Cabana Inn, pictured at the left.  We walked in and got a decent rate.  Nothing fancy, but a premium location.  Drawback:  a very noisy karaoke bar right next door that featured some gawdawful caterwauling (“I Walk the Line” apparently a local favorite.)

Techie on a news crew was happy to pose.

A sand sculpture contest brought out some truly talented sand artists.

This was a personal favorite of mine, but I understand why it wasn’t the winner of the contest.

This was the winner, and the detail was amazing.

A poignant sculpture that would have been merely charming a year ago.

A less technically deft piece nonetheless carried a dire message.  One of a few BP-related works of art.

Me with Mr. BP.  Note that I am the only person wearing long pants on the beach.  This is a holdover from the Northern California beaches, which were always foggy and freezing.

Kids having fun in the dispersant-filled water.  They were part of a larger family group that had come to the beach for the day.

Beaches and watermelon are natural companions!

This fine-looking young man had quite a bit to say to this television reporter.   I think blogging pal Conch Scooter might want this shirt to wear with his pink Crocs.

I saw this restaurant as we pulled into the beach parking lot.  “We’re going there,” I said.  Mr. B. had no choice but to comply and to pose in front of their sign.

You know me; I couldn’t resist it either.