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Friday night found me at my usual post, lurking in the wings of the Bo Diddley Community Plaza and taking pictures of the weekly concert.  This week it was HuDost, a band that the media never seem to describe in quite the same way. To get the general idea, you could arrange the words indie, alternative, Eastern, rock, world, ensemble, experimental, and folk in any number of ways and still arrive at the same syntactic place. At first I found the desciptions confusing, but after seeing HuDost a few times I realize that they all make sense.

Not making sense is my skill at photography, which seems to be simultaneously getting better and worse.  I did learn a few things this week, though:

1.  People are very hard to photograph.  They are not like alligators, which more or less sit still.

2.  I learned that it is easy to place the blame for a bad picture on things that cannot place blame back, like lighting.

3.  I also learned that cameras, like people, sometimes have trouble focusing.

4.  And I learned that if you want to take a steady shot, you should not shoot from an area where children are throwing a ball.

The Plaza is always controversial because of the numbers of homeless who congregate there.  Certain factions within the City want to level the Plaza and turn it into an urban market.  One of my jobs is to photograph it in a positive light.  Here, the Plaza looks mellow and attractive, with families enjoying the concert.

Moving slightly to the left also produces a pleasant scene.

View from the back, shortly after sunset.  One of the benefits of the Plaza is the great sight-lines.

This is the hub of activity in downtown Gainesville.

Getting the Hampton Inn was a big, complex deal.


Would you mess with these guys? I didn’t think so.  Here’s Donnie Sloan and the “Major” keeping the peace.

I have to say that HuDost transcends music and delves into the much broader category of sound.  Within their songs one hears seagulls, butterfly wings, molasses pouring slowly, a complete aural library of the human condition, and a 747 taking off from Ankara.  Listen at their Web site or MySpace page.