You might have gotten the idea that my life is all about diverting myself in Florida’s many parks and on its endless miles of rural roadways,  but you’d be wrong.  Sometimes I divert myself in the back yard as well.  Because I like to maintain a sense of mystery and suspense, I am not going to explain exactly what it was I was doing here, or how I happened to come upon a small boat, a pirate hat, and a giant silver Goldfish cracker.

Some bloggers get sent free shoes or software, others (and I envy these no end) get samples of perfume and makeup.  But I’m not that kind of blogger.  I get to model plastic pirate ships. This works out well, because it leaves me free from feeling pressured to review something.  I will try to sell you something, however.  If you’d like one of the giant silver Goldfish crackers, I can have one custom-made just for you.

You didn’t think I got up to all this mischief on my own, did you?