On Highway 41 outside Williston, a bar that celebrates good old-fashioned drunkenness. This “adult day care” facility evokes that time when getting shitfaced was cool.  Since this condition as cheery and lovable reached its apex with Dean Martin, perhaps I should say that the facility evokes that time when getting pie-eyed was hip.

Gainesville is downright militant about drunk driving, yet fifteen miles out of town in Morriston the Oasis Tavern makes drinking a downhome event, like a barbecue.  The outright advertisement of the level of sobriety of the bar’s patrons and their impaired driving abilities seems hubristic, yet obviously the bar hasn’t suffered a lack of business.  Another sign read:  Friday night! Garys (sic) Party! as if all passersby would know who Gary was; the sign was simply a reminder of this important local event.

That says community spirit to me!  In the meantime, why not give the cranky adult baby his bottle and meander down the road to buy a giant concrete rooster at the local garden store?