Waldo, Florida is a city of around 800 people that has earned the dubious distinction of being one of two American Automobile Association official speedtraps.  The motorist is given fair warning of decreasing speed limits; this is done is small, staggered sections on Route 301.

If it weren’t for the AAA, Waldo’s flea market would be its major claim to fame.

Waldo is a good place to start exploring the rural South without venturing too far off the beaten path (in Northern Florida, this is easy to do; the convoluted nature of the rural road network can leave the unsuspecting motorist punch-drunk from lack of bearing).

Waldo exemplifies the traditional architectural idiom of the small Southern town, as does Starke as few miles to the north.  I was most interested in its water tower, however, capturing it from different vantage points.  This is the tallest structure in town and from one perspective the most emphatic one.